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HOA Information

Please click here to download an electronic copy of the association's covenants and restrictions. Please contact us with any questions.
The HOA Covenants and Restrictions are meant to keep our neighborhood a safe and comfortable place to live. There are very few infractions. However, please note that violations do occur, such as:
  • Visible Trash Cans
  • Visible Trailers, etc
  • Multiple visible recreational equipment


Covenant violation fines are as follows:

  • $10-$25 per day (after 10 day warning period)
  • Second notice for the same violation will be doubled.
Vehicles parked in the street will receive one Board letter giving a 10 day warning period. After this grace period, the car will be towed. If there is a second offense with the same vehicle, no notice will be given, it will simply be towed.
If your car has been towed, please call 803-802-3135

Milltown Recovery & Towing

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Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Please remember that for most changes to the exterior of one's home or landscaping, an ARC application must be submitted before work actually commences. Click herefor the ARC request form. For fastest turnaround time, please submit the forms electronically to melbournehoaarc@yahoo.com. Your ARC prides itself on being fast, consistent and fair.

Current members of the ARC review board can be found here.

HOA Mortgage Closing Requests
If you need HOA dues information for a pending closing, please contact our HOA Treasurer directly at melbournehoatreasurer@gmail.com


2018 ARC Application
Below please find all 2017 meeting materials, including PROXY FORM if you cannot attend the meeting in person.

Annual Meeting Letter 2017
Proxy Form 2017

Budget vs. Actuals 2016
Proposed Budget 2017

Finance Committee Report
Treasurer's Report 2012
Click here to access the Treasuer's Report as given at the HOA annual meeting on February 13, 2012.