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Annual HOA Meeting

The annual HOA meeting will be held at the Church of Christ on Gold Hill Road on February 4, 2020, at 7:30 pm.

We are trying a little bit of a later meeting time this year to accommodate more residents. Please remember, your vote is needed to approve the 2020 budget...we must have about 30 votes (1/3 of our residents) in order to receive quorum.

Please consider sending a proxy statement if you cannot attend the meeting. Email: thefortmillers@gmail.com or give to a board member:
Ed Miller, 109 Melbourne
Joanne Walker
Michele Tremblay
JR Marsee
Maurice (Mo) Revell

Further Changes to Recycling Policy at Signature Waste January 2019
Neighbors, please be informed of further changes to Signature Waste's recycling policy. Our neighborhood did not get this communication via email or regular mail until yesterday. At this time, only paper and cardboard products are recyclable. Please see the attached statement as well as Signature Waste's website at www.signaturewaste.com. The board is currently looking into other trash service vendors.

Please read their statement here.
Glass No Longer Accepted in Recycle Containers, August 2018
According to our trash vendor, SIgnature Waste, glass containers will no longer be accepted in our recycle containers. Please visit their website for more information and instructions about glass containers. This policy is effective immediately, August 2018.

Annual HOA Meeting scheduled for January 23, 2018 at 7 pm, Church of Christ

Please plan to attend our annual HOA meeting on January 23 at 7pm at Church of Christ, located at 1055 Gold Hill Road.

There will be free pizza, refreshments…and RAFFLES!

Annual dues invoices were mailed to your residence this week and are due on or before 2/5/18.

Your attendance and participation at this meeting is critical to the success of our HOA! At last year’s meeting, we just had just enough participants to meet a quorum, which is crucial to voting and accepting the approved budget. We value your time, therefore, we promise to stay on topic to keep the meeting time to a minimum.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please consider signing the proxy and either returning it with your payment, or giving it to one of your neighbors that will be attending the meeting.

Important Trash Service Update, October 2017


Per our recent communication from Signature Waste, our new trash pick up day will be THURSDAYS. Trash and recycle will both be picked up on a Thursday, with trash being collected every Thursday and recycling every other Thursday. Please refer to the schedule below:
Thursday, October 5 -- TRASH & RECYCLING both picked up
Thursday, October 12 -- TRASH ONLY
Thursday, October 19 -- TRASH & RECYCLING both picked up
Thursday, October 26 -- TRASH ONLY
Thursday, November 2 -- TRASH & RECYCLING both picked up

Any questions, please call Signature Waste at 704.714.9400 or visit their website at signaturewaste.com.

Neighborhood News July 2017:
Please read the June/July 2017 issue of the HOA newsletter.
Labor Day 2017 Trash Service Update:

Neighbors, please note: Trash and recycle service will operate on a one-day delay for the Labor Day holiday. Trash will be picked up on Wednesday, September 6 and recycle on Saturday, September 9th.
Update 2/9/17:

Thank you to all who came out to our annual HOA meeting this week and especially to those who have stepped up to lead the HOA board and Finance Committee for 2017 and forward.

Contact info has been updated on this page and the board will meet soon to elect officers.

Meanwhile an effort tis underway to receive email addresses from everyone who is interested in being notified about upcoming events and neighborhood news. Please use the Contact Us form on this website to submit your email address or message our Facebook page. 
2017 HOA Meeting date announced:
Neighbors, please note: our annual HOA Meeting has been scheduled for February 7, 2017 at 7pm at Church of Christ on Gold Hill Road.

We currently have no elected HOA board. Please consider serving in this important and low-commitment role.

It is also IMPERATIVE that we have quorum at the meeting (23 houses represented) so that we can elect any new board members and approve our 2017 budget.

Proxy forms are available if you are unable to attend the meeting in person. Please look for HOA dues invoices and meeting information to be mailed to your homes in the coming weeks.

2017 Announcement to Residents from Comporium:

1 Gigabit Internet Service Coming to Melbourne

Comporium announced they will be upgrading our neighborhood video and internet network in the first few weeks of January 2017.
Once completed our neighborhood will have access to Zipstream 1 Gigabit Internet speeds. For those who are interested, Comporium has established promotional package options that include waiving the installation to the home and Zipstream Gigabit installation fees.
Comporium stated that homeowners should expect to see service trucks throughout the neighborhood beginning in December 2016. The upgrade construction is expected to cause minimal neighborhood disruption and Comporium expects minimal service down time. Maintenance windows for this effort are from Midnight to 6AM. During maintenance windows, subscribers may experience short periods of service disruption, not expected to exceed 15 minutes. This is unavoidable due to the nature of work being performed.
If you are interested in signing up for 1 Gigabit internet service, contact Cecil Mathew (Comporium) by phone at 803-235-5959 or email at cecil.mathew@comporium.com.

Road Construction Update May 2014

Update on road construction 5/16/14: York County Engineering is working with Boggs Paving on Chevis, Reverdy, Legacy and Melbourne. Originally the plan only included repaving of Reverdy Court, but another road dropped off the county's funding list and in its place they added Melbourne, Chevis and Legacy. This explains why we weren't notified ahead of time about the project.

For the roads mentioned, the grinding process should take 4 days to complete and they need to be left in a 'dirt road' condition for three days in order for them to properly 'cure.' The repaving should take another 3 days. Total process should be complete in 10 days, weather permitting.

There are no specifics on which roads are being tackled on which days so if you must leave home after crews begin at 8 am, you are encouraged to park your vehicles carefully and safely on other streets and walk to them. This will be problematic during the Melbourne process but we will need to be flexible while crews complete their work. Ultimately the new roads will be worth this inconvenience!

Neighborhood Update: Most of you have seen the construction vehicles at our entrance and in our cul-de-sacs. We have confirmed that many, if not all, of our streets will begin to be resurfaced this week. Crews will work during the week, including on Saturdays, and may even continue in the rain. Members of the HOA have expressed concern to the construction crew about damage to our front entrance landscaping and we feel sure that if any does occur, the county and its contractors will fix it in a timely manner. Please take care while driving in the neighborhood and please be sure to park your vehicles in your driveway during this busy time. We believe work will be completed in a week, weather permitting.

In other news, we have received feedback that the traffic noise from backyards bordering I-77 has increased and is noticeable. Since we have homes currently on the market, we are in conversations with the state DOT to find a solution to this issue. Stay tuned for more information via this page and in our newsletter.

Any questions or updates, please message this page or taramiller@comporium.net.
Happy Holidays from Your HOA
A message from the President, Carrie Quinlan

It’s hard to believe that the end of another year is upon us. Before we celebrate the beginning of 2014, I wanted to take this time to thank our homeowners for a wonderful year. We have an exceptional neighborhood filled with people that genuinely care about one another and it’s nice to be a part of this kind of community. We have a few new families that have moved into the neighborhood this year, so please take the time to say hello to new neighbors. 

Board Member Nominations

It has been a pleasure serving as the HOA President and I would welcome anyone that is interested, to please consider joining the board or one of the committees (Social or Finance Committee) for at least one 2-year term. It’s a great way to help give back to our small community. We have developed a board that is positive and low key in its approach as to prevent members of the board from feeling as though they are “policing” for covenant violations. We are more concerned with the safety of our neighborhood and creating a family feel and I would love for this tradition to continue. We are in the early planning stages of an annual family event and an annual holiday event. I am the LEAST creative person, but thankfully we have other board members and a social committee that have a creative side and enjoy planning events. If you or someone you know would be interested in joining the board, please email me your/their contact information at carrie@tbridgeusa.com. We typically meet once or twice per quarter and discuss ways to improve our community. The hard work is done for us thanks to Terry Dukes agreeing to create a finance committee to handle the treasury and finance responsibilities of the community. I look forward to speaking with anyone that is interested and if you have additional questions about any of the committees or the board, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Many thanks for an enjoyable and rewarding year.

Alert message for residents of Melbourne at Bailiwyck:
As many of you already know, a dead coyote was recently found and removed from Pleasant Road. Some of our neighbors in the Bailiwyck and Beacon Knoll neighborhoods have seen other, very much alive coyotes in their yards and off Altura Road.

They have been spotted alone and in small packs. Please take care with your children and pets outside, especially at night, and be on alert when walking or running. Also be sure your garbage cans are covered. To learn more, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coyote
Alert Message for residents of Melbourne at Bailiwyck:
We have received reports of a suspicious woman who recently has been soliciting in the neighborhoods around Fort Mill.  Her name is Kristin Johannes, and her picture is below.  Her appearance may be slightly different (longer and lighter hair, and sometimes wears glasses), and she has a European accent.  It's possible that there is more than one individual involved.

The Fort Mill police and York County Sheriffs are aware of this woman, and the YCSO released the following statement last week:  

"The York County Sheriff's Office has received more than two dozen calls about a suspicious woman going door-to-door selling children's books.  The YCSO has verified that the woman works for a 'legitimate business selling books and other education materials, and poses no danger to the public.'"

Despite this statement from the YCSO, we are concerned that she is requesting personal information about neighbors and kids in the community, and may already have some very detailed information about you and your family.  She is aggressive, and has attempted to enter a few homes while engaged in conversation with the homeowner.  If you have concerns or feel that her actions are suspicious, please do not hesitate to call the police and ask for assistance.

Please note that our HOA covenants prohibit solicitations of any kind (although the board has made an exception for local scouting organizations), and we have a sign posted at the community entrance.  If you are approached by this woman, or anyone selling goods or services, I would suggest that you inform them of this prohibition and send them on their way.

Please contact any board member if you have questions, and as always, we appreciate your support.

Terry Dukes
President, HOA Board
We had over 100 neighbors attend our fall pizza party and hay ride. Visit the Social Committee page to learn more!
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HOA Mortgage Closing Requests
If you need HOA dues information for a pending closing, please contact our HOA Treasurer directly at melbournehoatreasurer@gmail.com
UPDATED 1/24/18
Please use this application for any changes you would like to make to the exterior of your home.
2018 ARC Application
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